Marketplace Procurement Solutions Inc.
Marketplace Procurement Solutions Inc.

Simple Sourcing, Purchasing, Delivery and Installation

You provide us with the info and we'll search the market for the best solution and price.

How we can help

Save Time

 No more time spent on lengthy internet searches or shopping around. 

Solid Pricing

 We review your specifications to make sure suppliers have enough detailed information.

Cost Insight

We create budgets and can build a detailed Bill of Quantities so that you know what your project will cost.


 We have built an extensive global supplier database providing us with a spread of choices. 


 We analyze design options, availability options and price options.


With 20+ year of procurement and sourcing experience we have supplier and product insight and can help recommend who to use.

Marketplace Procurement Solutions Services


We can save you time and money during the sourcing process by using our sourcing tool, Bid Harvest.

We use Bid Harvest to broadcast inquiries to local and/or global suppliers to get price options, design options or available stock. 

After gathering prices, we provide a detailed analysis of options, allowing you to make the best choice.


If you know what you want to purchase but need assistance, we can help with that too.

The execution of our procurement services is managed by our own state-of-the-art online procurement system, known as Marketplace™. 

Marketplace™ is designed to manage budgets, generate purchase orders, manage accounting and track deliveries. 

Delivery & Installation

 When your products are ready to ship, we can help find the right freight forwarder. Large or small, overland, by sea or by air, we manage the process for you, track your shipments and report on progress. 

Once the products arrive, we can also assist with off-loading and installation management.

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Marketplace Procurement Solutions Inc.

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